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About John

An analytical chemist by profession, John is a Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  He has worked in the UK Environmental Services industry for more than 30 years and still owns and operates a small environmental testing laboratory on the outskirts of Glasgow.

He joined the Royal Photographic Society in 2014, and opened his first studio in December 2016 at The Hive which is part of the Hidden Lane artists village in Finnieston, Glasgow.

His passion for photography grew from a love of hill-walking and the visual arts.

In 2016 he completed his first major photographic project “The Road to the Isles”, a collection of landscape images taken along the famous route through Scotland.

With several more projects in the pipeline, John hopes to be exhibiting and publishing material regularly over the coming years.

About his work

John works in the landscape, environmental, fine art, travel, portraiture and street genres.

His landscape, travel and street photography style is more like that of a photojournalist in that he prefers to capture the essence of a location as it is right now; not after several hours of waiting for the “perfect light”.

“Waiting around for great light is a luxury most other photographers don’t have, so if I’m at a location and the light is poor, I’ll still try to capture an image.  Obviously I’ll plan my work flow in the hope of having great light, but, I rarely leave any location with nothing to show for the trip, even if it’s just a reference shot”

Similarly, his portraiture style, whether on location or in the studio, is more relaxed, preferring to work with his subject to try to capture something of their character rather than simply re-run tried and tested poses.

His environmental work is an extension of his scientific career and interests.