About -Work

Main areas of work:
Landscape; Street Photography; Portraiture; Fine Art; Travel; Environmental
Photographic Products:
Limited Edition fine art prints; Photography books; Calendars; Digial file licensing; Prints for home framing
Photographic Services:
Location Scout services; Photoshop Training; Business mentoring;

John's approach to landscape, street and travel photography is more like that of a photojournalist in that he prefers to capture a location as it is, rather than wait around for hours for the "perfect" light.

His Fine Art work attempts to be thought provoking with simple compositions and lighting.
He prefers to work along themed projects so might produce a series of images which are linked by a common theme, or location, etc.
As a result of his interest in Buddhism and travels in Japan, much of his fine art work is heavily influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi.

His environmental work is an extention of his scientific interests and he will often shoot images where human activities bring conflict with the natural world, or alternatively where human influence brings harmony or balance to a scene.
Portraiture is a relatively new aspect to John's work and so he is still developing a style with which he is comfortable. At present his method is simply to attempt to capture something of the sitter's personality in an image, preferring to avoid over-used poses. He is comfortable in the studio, but, prefers to work with subjects out of doors or in their home / work environments.