Private online or in-person one to one mentoring
Everyone benefits from having someone to discuss ideas with, collaborate with or to learn from.
Maybe you'd just like some helpful pointers on how to find your way in the world of business or photography.

John is now offering free mentorship places to anyone who thinks that they might benefit from his
experience or skills.
Due to time contraints these places are offered on a strictly first-come basis and are limited to two places at any time.

Mentorships can last from a week or two to six months
John is happy to offer free one-to-one mentorship by email, online or in-person in any of the following areas:

Software / Editing
Photographic Techniques
General Camera Techniques
Landscape Photography
Location Scouting
Capturing the essence of a scene
Approaching a potential client
Developing your business ideas
Deciding what to charge
Producing Photo-products
Using printing labs
Creating your first photobook
Creating a calendar
Approaching a gallery
Curating an exhibition

To enquire about a mentorship place please email John or use the contact page